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Looking for a local professional offering reliable bird grooming services in Central Florida and surrounding areas? Maybe you are looking for a specialist who offers parrot beak trimming or nail clipping? Five Feathers Services Inc. is the professional you need! Continue reading to learn why I decided to open my company and why you can trust me with your parrot’s grooming needs.

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My experience

My experience with companion parrots started back in 2010 when a local pet shop opened and had parrots for sale. I fell in love with a Mexican Red-Headed Amazon, and the bird bonded with me very quickly. Before purchasing this parrot, I did my research and went to visit the bird every day for four months. I had cats at this time, and I needed to make sure that this beautiful, companion parrot would fit into my family.
Not to mention that these parrots can live for over fifty years. After comprehensive research about this particular Amazon, Senor Dennis Pablo came home. That same year and the beginning of the following year, I expanded my flock to include a Gold Capped Conure, a Blue Fronted Amazon, and an African Grey. In mid-2011, I acquired another African Grey, and since then, I acquired two more African Greys.
Over 10 Years of Experience

You can trust with your bird’s grooming needs.

Shortly after building my flock, I realized that my fids (feathered kids) would get car sick and extremely stressed just going to the pet store for their grooming session, so I decided to take care of them myself, and this decision was the best I could have made because their stress levels came way down. Before I decided to leave corporate America, I was already taking steps to realize my dream, namely – to establish a professional parrot training & grooming company.

Over 10 Years of Experience

My business

Being a mobile bird groomer in Central Florida and surrounding areas, is an important and much-needed service. My knowledge, passion, and patience of these beautiful creatures are how Five Feathers Services Inc. was created. My business quickly began to grow through referrals from the bird store in Orlando and All-4-Pets (the pet shop where some of my fids came from). I work with all sizes of birds from Finches to Macaws. I‘m blessed to be able to do something I absolutely love. I also love meeting the “parronts” who enjoy them as much as I do.

Services We Provide

Whether it comes to nail clipping or a bird wing clipping service your beautiful companion ‘s needs, you can rely on me to provide it with the professional care it deserves

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Nail Filing

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"When I first got my parrot, I didn’t know that it was a rescue. He gets so scared and gets rather aggressive when being handled so I realized that I had to do something. Took him to parrot training and gradually he started relaxing. I am very grateful for the patience and the help.

Perry Sinclair

I am so impressed by how good this girl is in finding ways to communicate with birds. She is really nice and works with passion and with the birds' needs in mind. Highly recommend her to everyone who has a parrot and needs a reliable bird groomer!

Laura R. Massey

I wasn’t the type of pet owner to keep my animals in cages all day. I want them to get as much exercise as they can but I know that my birds would just fly away when given the chance. Got bird wing clipping service from this company to fix that. Now my bird forages in my backyard without me worrying about it flying off.

Carmen Anderson