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Providing Professional Bird Grooming Services Since 2014

I have been helping the people in the area keep their birds happy for over 10 years now. I groom all sizes and species of domesticated birds. Grooming is done in the comfort and stress-free environment, with safe and sterile techniques. I know how to properly and safely perform tasks such as a nail, wing, parrot beak trimming, and more. Whatever it might be that your birdies need, I will make sure they are well taken care of and left happy. If you are a bird owner, then you will understand the importance of administering proper bird grooming services. Exotic species have an entire coat of feathers on them, and while they do enjoy cleaning themselves, sometimes this is not enough. If the bird lives in a small cage, you should definitely consider having someone carefully pamper your buddy. Birds come with wide open habitats and living in a domestic environment, makes it a lot easier for their feathers to catch dirt and dust.

You can trust with your bird’s grooming needs.

To ensure your birds are happy at all times, it is important to help them out with their grooming needs, and I can help with that. Besides full-package grooming solutions, I also offer parrot training and other specific services. Please if you are interested in any of my services or would like to learn my price list, contact Five Feathers Services Inc. at (407) 405-3998 right now. I will be happy to hear from you soon.

I offer assistance to customers from the following locations:

Orange County

Lake County

Seminole County

Sumter County

Osceola County

Osceola County

Volscian County