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Operating in Central Florida and surrounding areas, Five Feathers Services Inc. is the professional you can trust with your bird’s grooming needs. Continue reading to learn why I am among the most preferred bird groomers in Central Florida and surrounding areas.


Oil and Buff

When having their beaks clipped, I check to see if there are any flakes that need removing.
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If I see any, I will very gently buff the beak and apply oil to bring back a slight shine.


Wing Clipping

There are different methods of wing feather clipping, and everyone seems to have their own opinion.
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The method I use and find that works best is to clip the first 5-7 primary feathers on both wings, using the primary coverts as a guide. Sometimes I’ll clip the feathers under the level of the primary coverts. It is good to cut the primary feathers because they give the bird their lift when flapping their wings. The secondary flight feathers should be left intact. They give your bird some air resistance allowing them to glide safely to the ground. It’s important to trim both wings so the bird is able to maintain their balance.


Beak Trimming

Their beaks continually grow the same as our fingernails do.Depending upon the species,
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a bird’s beak grows from 1 to 3 inches a year; this aids the bird in cracking nuts and hard fruits. If their beak is growing normally, it shouldn’t be necessary to trim the length of the upper beak. If your bird’s beak is growing too fast or growing abnormally, however, you should always consult with your avian veterinarian to determine the cause. At Five Feathers Services Inc., I offer beak trimming services and can assure you that if you turn to me, your beautiful bird will be treated with the care it deserves.

Behavioral Training.

To be good custodians of our parrots, we should accept that it is our responsibility to train them to live in harmony within our family. Just as a dog owners responsibility is to train their dog not to bark, bite, jump on people, or chew furniture. As the owner of a parrot, you also need to be able to understand what they are trying to say to you, so you should be able to read your bird’s body language. Once the first few steps have been achieved, you can go on building your relationship for many years to come. I can help you with the behavior of your bird, and also advise you, the owner, of what to look out for and how to deal with things.

Nail Clipping

Routine nail clipping is of great importance for your bird’s health and safety. If their nails get too long it will cause them difficulty when perching. Long nails can get caught on your clothing, furniture, or carpet, and get hung up on their toys, sleep huts, or other items in their cage which can result in serious injuries. So it is very important to seek professional help with their nail trimming when it is needed.
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