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I wasn’t the type of pet owner to keep my animals in cages all day. I want them to get as much exercise as they can but I know that my birds would just fly away when given the chance. Got bird wing clipping service from this company to fix that. Now my bird forages in my backyard without me worrying about it flying off.

Carmen Anderson

My parrot has been having problems with landing properly. I checked her wings, but I didn’t find anything wrong with them. Then I checked her feet if she was injured, and that’s when I found out that her nails were way too long. They were curving inwards, and they were hurting her! I knew I couldn’t clip them myself because I might end up hurting her even more, so I called this company and got your bird nail clipping service. I’m very thankful for the help.

Priscilla J.

A friend of mine who also owns a pet parrot had an accident which caused her bird’s beak to chip off. Seeing my friend’s parrot injured like that was terrifying so I decided that I needed to take care of my own. Got parrot beak trimming services from this company so that it won’t be too long in case she accidentally falls inside their cage.

Nancy Hawthorne

When I first got my parrot, I didn’t know that it was a rescue. He gets so scared and gets rather aggressive when being handled so I realized that I had to do something. Took him to parrot training and gradually he started relaxing. I am very grateful for the patience and the help.

Perry Sinclair

My doves needed a good cleaning, so I got her bird grooming services. Thanks for taking good care of my pets.

Eric F. Harbin

I am so impressed by how good this girl is in finding ways to communicate with birds. She is really nice and works with passion and with the birds' needs in mind. Highly recommend her to everyone who has a parrot and needs a reliable bird groomer!

Laura R. Massey